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Priorities - 2019

UCC Legislative Priorities 2019
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1991 Realignment & In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS)
In 2017, the funding for the IHSS program changed with resulting modifications to the underlying 1991 Realignment structure and a substantial cost shift to counties. State law provides for a reexamination of the changes to these fiscal structures in 2019. UCC supports ways to address IHSS funding, while maintaining our capacity to provide vital health, mental health, and other social services programs.

Affordable Housing
UCC supports permanent funding sources for affordable housing. This includes providing additional incentives for counties to approve housing and reducing regulatory barriers to that approval. The cost of living is particularly acute with seven of California’s urban counties documented as the most expensive places in the country to buy a home. Therefore, UCC also supports efforts to address workforce housing needs and reduce the costs of housing in the urban regions of the state. UCC will work to ensure that the funding under SB 2 (Atkins, 2017) for the permanent source of housing are appropriated equitably to the urban counties. UCC will closely monitor legislation dealing with changes to fees for housing projects due to the upcoming report on developer fees being conducted by HCD. UCC will support efforts to provide new tools for economic development and affordable housing as long as new funding sources have been approved by the affected tax entities.

Health Care Financing
UCC supports the ability of counties to continue to provide health care services to our members and will oppose any efforts to reduce funding to counties and to county hospitals. This includes the following issues: Repealing or reducing coverage offered under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), Medicaid funding, behavioral health funding, and public health funding. UCC will monitor upcoming health care discussions for county impacts, including but not limited to, the Managed Care Organization (MCO) tax, the Hospital Quality Assurance Fee, the Medicaid 1915B waiver renewal, the Medicaid 1115 waiver renewal, and universal coverage.

In addition, UCC opposes any new diversion of county funds from the Mental Health Services Act (MHSA). UCC supports maximum flexibility in the use of the MHSA funds to best serve local mental health needs as well as efforts to streamline existing programs to ensure operational efficiencies.

With the growing number of homeless in urban counties, UCC will work on the implementation of the No Place Like Home program, the Homeless Emergency Aid Program, and the SB 2 funding program, to ensure that urban counties receive their fair share of funding and that the guidelines work for all counties. In addition, UCC will advocate for additional funding that reduces and prevents homelessness; expand the availability of permanent supportive housing; and provide urban counties with the ability to maximize and leverage available Federal, State and local funds to provide services for at-risk and homeless families and individuals.

Public Safety
As counties continue to manage expanded local criminal justice responsibilities, UCC will support efforts that allow for flexibility, encourage local innovation, and strengthen services that improve public safety and reduce recidivism. Bail reform legislation that passed in 2018 (SB 10, Hertzberg) eliminates the cash bail system beginning in October 2019. UCC will work on implementation of bail reform to ensure that adequate funding is provided to counties for any new responsibility. In addition, UCC will advocate for counties to receive adequate time and local flexibility to implement SB 10 or any other bail system reforms. Finally, UCC will support efforts that promote the use of risk-based release decisions through risk assessment tools and processes that mitigate racial and economic disparities while maintaining public safety.

State Budget Issues
UCC will focus on the State Budget with an emphasis on securing adequate funding for programs administered by urban counties. UCC will oppose reductions in state programs that increase the burden on urban county programs and will also oppose efforts to reduce funding without a commensurate reduction in county responsibility. UCC will further oppose any efforts to shift costs or federal penalties to urban counties. UCC will support efforts to require the state to continue to reimburse the urban counties for all outstanding mandates claims currently owed to urban counties.

UCC will oppose any realignment proposals that transfer additional program responsibility to counties without adequate funding, constitutional protections, county participation and approval. UCC will remain vigilant about sustaining Proposition 30 protections for all realigned programs.


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