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February 10, 2014 - 3 Judge Panel Update - Today, the 3-Judge Panel extended the deadline to fix the prison overcrowding issue to two years, (February 2016), agreeing with Governor Brown's request for more time to resolve the inmate population cap. With this extension comes strict guidelines from the federal judges on compliance, including limits on the number of inmates that can be moved to out-of-state prisons. Per the Administration, this two year extension will help put into place the proper reforms that will provide a permanent solution to the prison overcrowding problem.

The 3 Judge Panel has instructed the state to immediately carry out a series of measures to either release or move inmates from state prisons, which include:

  • Increasing credits for non-violent second-strike offenders and minimum custody inmates.

  • Set earlier parole eligibility for some nonviolent offenders.

  • Determine suitability parole for inmates who are older than 60 who have already served 25 years in prison.

  • Expand alternative custody programs for female inmates.

The panel also appointed a compliance officer to ensure that California is on track with the population cap and also barred prison officials from exceeding the current 8,900 inmates in out-of-state prisons.

February 11, 2014 - Proposition 41 – Support – APPROVED - On February 5, 2014, the UCC Board of Directors voted to support Proposition 41. UCC had been asked by the proponents of Proposition 41 to support and be listed as support in campaign materials.

Background Information:

Last year, UCC took a position of support on AB 639 (Perez), which would restructure the $600 million of existing Proposition 12 bond to construct and rehabilitate multifamily veterans’ housing. AB 639 would allow California voters to amend the Veterans Bond Act of 2008 to better respond to the housing needs and changing demographics of the current California veteran population.

The full $900 million remains unspent from Proposition 12 due to the fact that it is restricted to single family housing. Funds that were approved by Proposition 12 have not been utilized and this bill would allow the funds to be used.

See attachment for more background material on Proposition 41.

December 6, 2013 - UCC Annual Report - UCC's Annual Report for 2013. This report summarizes the issues that UCC worked on during the year with summaries of the final budget action, legislative action, and a summary of ACA Implementation. Happy Holidays!"

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